Katharsis - rehearsal 2003 - Theater of the Oppressed | Beautiful Trouble

J. D. Moreno, editing his father's writing in 1989 notes that J. L. Moreno was born in Bucarest, Romania, 1889, from parents of Sephardic Jewish decent. He was raised in Vienna and immigrated to the United States in 1925 to pursue sociometric group research (Moreno, 1989a,1989b). Beck was born in the United States in 1921, and was raised by Russian Jewish immigrant parents (Weishaar, 1993, ). Each man was exposed to a variety of political and social views. For example, Moreno lived in a "...mixed neighborhood" and was "exposed to a wide range of influences" (Moreno, 1989a, ) coupled with living in Vienna where "... Nazism, communism and existentialism had their underground beginnings..." (Moreno, 1989a, ). Beck's father was a "free thinker" who introduced his son to literature, theatre and poetry, and regularly hosted a group of men in his home to exchange philosophical, political and literary opinions (Weishaar, 1993, ).

Drawing inspiration from Freire, Brecht, and Stanislavski, Augusto Boal developed the Theater of the Oppressed in practice throughout his career, starting in the ’50s in Brazil and later in Argentina, Peru, Ecuador and France while in exile from the military dictatorship.

Katharsis - Rehearsal 2003Katharsis - Rehearsal 2003Katharsis - Rehearsal 2003Katharsis - Rehearsal 2003