Figment creeper - instrumental karaoke - The Beyhive goes into a frenzy over first pictures of.

Bloom is not a complex fragrance; it's a mélange of flowers: mostly jasmine and tuberose with a bright note that reminds me of candied violets. As for Rangoon Creeper, there is an interesting floral aroma that turns up in Bloom's base. I've read many articles on Rangoon Creeper, looking for descriptions of its scent but most gardeners rave about its flowers' colors (that change from pink to red) and don't elaborate on the aroma except to say it's "glorious," "powerful" and "aromatic." I found an article that described the flowers' scent as "toasted coconut." And I DO smell a faint, sweet toasted coconut aroma in Bloom's base, where you'll also find whispering indoles (or musk?) mixing with residual white florals.

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Figment Creeper - Instrumental KaraokeFigment Creeper - Instrumental KaraokeFigment Creeper - Instrumental KaraokeFigment Creeper - Instrumental Karaoke